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Bridal package


*Trial run 

*Travel fees up to 20 miles

*Discounts bridesmaid makeup to $95 each

*3 or more bridesmaids are $80 each

*Flower girls under the age of 12 are complimentary

*free false lashes for every person getting their makeup done

Photoshoot/special occasions


*Travel fees up to 20 miles

*Complimentary false lashes

*2 or more people are $105 each

Travel fees


*Any venue that is located past a 20 mile radius of the zip code 98043

*Parking tickets and ferry ride expenses will be added to the total cost


about me.

Where do I start? I love makeup! With my extensive experience in makeup artistry, I am able to complete an array of different skin tones, skin types, and styles. I worked at MAC Cosmetics for over three years and before that I was the lead makeup artist at an Arabic bridal salon and spa. Overall,  I have been a makeup artist for 7+ years and counting. 

I am currently a student and am studying dental hygiene (I know right, dental hygiene but you're a makeup artist??) and although dentistry is my passion, makeup is both a passion AND a hobby for me. So book an appointment and let's get to know each other!



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